Customer Services

1. Customer Service System

In 2021, CIFI upgraded its customer reporting system to CEO direct service mechanism, to improve the response timeliness and satisfaction level of customer complaints through a flatter reporting and handling mechanism.

In addition, CIFI draws on the experience of international leading enterprises to establish a customer complaint "?mail" review and supervision mechanism, which aims to analyze business problems by reviewing typical customer complaint cases, hence improve the management system.

In addition to improving the customer service mechanism, we have launched the "Six Ones" listening campaign, encouraging them to contact closely with customers and experience service scenarios in person, employees may able to identify problems and make improvements, hence raising the awareness of customer service among all employees. In 2021, 8,565 people participated in the listening campaign with employee's participation rate of 45% and management's participation rate of 53.5%.

2. Customer Satisfaction and Enhancement

For residential projects

CIFI conducts a monthly customer satisfaction survey for residential projects through a third-party random telephone survey. The survey covers all of the Group's independently developed projects and some of our jointly developed projects, covering a wide range of customer satisfaction surveys from contract signing, delivery to post-delivery stages, including complaint handling, housing quality, quality assurance and maintenance, and property services. We also incorporate customer satisfaction in bonus and performance appraisal, which effectively enhances employees' motivation and enthusiasm to bolster customer service quality.

For commercial projects

With the assistance of third parties, the survey was carried out in the forms of face-to-face interviews with merchants, interviews with consumers and online SMS questionnaires to members.

3. Customer Activities

The 37℃ Community embodies CIFI’s endeavour to create pleasant community environment for its customers. The temperature of 37℃ is slightly higher than normal body temperature by being warm without the sensation of heat. CIFI is dedicated to bringing an above-expectation habitation experience with warmth and comfort via 37℃ Community. Even during the sales phase of this development, the process is already underway to showcase a “seeing is believing” vista of futurist living experience. Everything from putting in place support services for 37℃ space in the intergenerational integrated all-age community, to the neighbourhood shared development that enriches the community environment, as well as our Love Care Service System taking care of the client through all stages of life journey, are effectively redefining good lifestyle, building harmonious community with a joyful neighbourhood environment.

4. Protecting customers’ rights and interests

We strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations such as the Cybersecurity Law of the PRC, regulate the standards in all aspects of customer information collection, storage, and use, in order to protect consumers' rights and interests.

In 2021, the official website of the Group completed the annual retest of the network security level protection level 2 test and evaluation certification, and the digital technology department passed the GB/T22080-2016/ISO/IEC27001:2013 information security management system certification.

The Group has established a confidentiality management mechanism, issued the Information Confidentiality Administrative Measures, and set up confidentiality levels and different ities for confidential information such as various commercial information, data assets and information of third parties known to the Group.