Healthy Living

The Group always advocates to design according to the standards of healthy building, and actively promotes the R&D and application of healthy building system. In 2020, the Groups initiated "HUMAN Intelligent Healthy Life 2.0", and we upgraded this green health intelligent product system in 2021 and compiled the Design Guidelines for HUMAN Intelligent Healthy Life 3.0 of CIFI Group.

In May 2021, the Group entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) . Aligned with the dimension as that of the national healthy building evaluation standard and benchmarking the WELL certification system, the Group has introduced the "12-Sense Health Indicator System" to design "CIFI Group HUMAN Intelligent Healthy Life" to improve users' all-round comfort and physical and mental health, embrace healthy residence and promote healthy life.

The Group has organized a number of WELL certification system publicity and implementation trainings for the headquarters, regional companies and business divisions, intergrating the concept of healthy community into the genes of CIFI products.

Xiamen CIFI Park Mansion Wuyuan Bay, the sole WELL Platinum and national three-star green building residential project in China

Park Mansion Wuyuan Bay combines foreign and domestic ideas of health around, among other, “air, water, nutrition, light, sport, comfort, humanity”, and adopts numerous healthy and green technology. This is the hitherto the only one project in China that obtains both the certification of WELL platinum (pre-certification) and national three-star healthy building.

Securing air quality

Air quality monitoring system is installed in the outdoor area of the community to monitor outdoor air quality (temperature, humidity, PM2.5, noise, wind speed, etc.) and instantly display information such as air quality parameters and air pollution index.

Maintaining water quality

The residence is equipped with a high-standard healthy direct drinking system, and the outdoor activity venue is equipped with a decentralized direct drinking system. The direct drinking water quality conforms to the national Water Quality Standard for Drinking Water, providing owners with safe and convenient drinking water for outdoor activities in the community.

Creating an environment with healthy light

By creating natural lighting and optimizing the lighting layout, the visual comfort is improved for users. Underground car-parks are equipped with lighting patio and a comfort lighting system to enhance the experience for owners.