Green Finance Framework

In order to implement the green concept and build a green real estate brand, also as an important step in promoting CIFI green finance, CIFI established a Green Finance Framework in April 2020 and received Second-Party Opinion from Sustainalytics, an independent third-party rating agency, Sustainalytics believes that CIFI Holdings is well-positioned to issue green bonds or loans and that the CIFI Green Finance Framework is robust, transparent, and in alignment with the four core components of the Green Bond Principles 2018 and Green Loan Principles 2018.

According to this framework, CIFI will continue to practice the green concept in the future, and plans to invest in eligible green projects through fund raising from green bond or loan financing, including green buildings, clean transportation, energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable water management, pollution prevention and control and climate change adaptation measures.

CIFI Group – Green Finance Framework (April 2020)

CIFI Group – Green Finance Framework Second-Party Opinion (April 2020)